Soy Curls are made from the whole soybean. They are an excellent source of protein and are high in fiber, and make a great meat substitute. They simply need to be rehydrated before use and may be seasoned in a variety of ways. Click here for Soy Curl recipes. Buy Soy Curls from your local distributor or directly from Butler Foods.

Since 1945, McKay’s Original Recipe Seasonings have been sold in both Chicken Style and Beef Style.  Order Here.

Do you know what your target heart rate is? Click here.

Does milk really do a body good? Is milk necessary
to build strong bones? Here are two great sites to find out
more than the dairy industry would like for you to know: and

Dr. Joel Fuhrman offers solutions for a society that is heading in the wrong direction nutritionally. Treating his own patients with lifestyle changes, he has had tremendous results with his plant-based diet. Visit his site at for more information. He offers books, articles and recipes supporting his practice of reversing disease through diet. We find his “Member Center” to be particularly helpful.

A great, inexpensive, addition to make your life easier – the Mini-Mixer.

What a fantastic time-saving tool for your kitchen – the Y-Peeler.

One of the best substitutes for butter is Earth Balance. Earth Balance spreads and melts like butter, without any saturated fat. You can usually find it at health food stores and some grocery stores. It comes in tubs or sticks.

Want to conquer your fears of cooking with pressure cookers? Here’s a great new cookbook with lots of recipes from THE VEGGIE QUEEN on how to cook with pressure cookers. Click here to visit The Veggie Queen.

Many of the books or products can be found at either Amazon or eBay. I would recommend trying these first for the best deals!