As I was just in the kitchen making fresh banana bread for my children – one of whom is napping on the sofa – just getting over the flu – I couldn’t stop thinking about margin! Especially about margin versus bondage! What is margin? Well, for me, its just another reason that I do what I do! Margin to me is being flexible – it’s about knowing that the vast majority of food that I serve my family, or eat myself, is so healthy that I don’t mind – and in fact enjoy – being able to slip in a little less healthy food now and then! Margin is also about knowing how to cook almost anything from scratch, and having the basic ingredients on hand, that I can prepare almost anything we want without a special trip to the store. This allows us to entertain on a moments notice – or just be spontaneous! Margin is the opposite of bondage! Bondage is feeling trapped in having to eat a certain way all the time. Bondage is being forced, mostly from an internal enemy, to stick to a menu or prepared/packaged food all the time. Bondage is having to run to the grocery store all the time for special ingredients or packaged items. Bondage is being imprisoned in a disease-ravaged body – wishing that you had made different choices along your way. I love being able to please my tastebuds, my family, my health and my lifestyle. Excuse me, I hear the candy corn in the living room calling my name! Two little pieces won’t hurt! I have margin in my life!

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