Small Steps Toward Health

Oftentimes it seems people want to start improving their health, but they just don’t know where to start.  Perhaps it’s been so long since they’ve done anything towards restoring life and vitality that it’s completely overwhelming.  Knowing where and how to begin often empowers them towards change.  It may seem trite and perhaps over-used, but it only takes small steps, repeated over and over which lead to health.  You can’t go from couch-potato to tri-athlete in a day, a month and probably not even in a year.  But you can start moving, start changing and start starting TODAY!  And health isn’t just what we eat or how we exercise.  It’s about ALL of our life and our choices in every area.  What good does it do to discipline the body if we forget our souls?  What good does it do our spirits if we think and meditate all day and never move?  The small steps listed below are meant to give encouragement and direction to all of us – whether couch-potato or athlete.  We all have areas in our life which need some extra attention and momentum.

Small steps towards health:

  • Begin NOW – There really is no time like the present to make changes.
  • Spend time in prayer and fellowship with the Lord – what does He say about your health and what you should do?  Be obedient to what He places on your heart.
  • Examine your vocation – could it be making you sick?  Would a change be appropriate?  Open your mind to different possibilities and using your God-given talents to their fullest.
  • Go to bed 1 hour earlier – sleep before midnight is twice as effective as sleep after.
  • Add 1 extra whole, plant-based food to your meals – adding an extra fruit or vegetable at every meal can add up to big differences
  • Get moving today – “invest” in a pedometer and keep track of your steps each day.  Try increasing your steps every day – even if it’s only 100 steps
  • Get up 15 minutes earlier and spend that extra time stretching – what a great way to loosen up before beginning your activities
  • Complete a crossword puzzle or sudoko – brain exercise is an easy and important way to improve your overall health
  • Go play tag, rake leaves or have a snowball fight with your children or grandchildren rather than watch the news or read the paper.
  • Pick one bad food choice or habit and decide to eliminate it for the next week.  When successful, celebrate and pick another one.  Small changes can make big differences in our lives and health.
  • Learn your vitals – cholesterol, glucose, weight, blood pressure and waist measurement.  Ignorance isn’t bliss – it’s dangerous.
  • Forgive someone who has wronged you.  Unforgiveness is the same as YOU drinking poison and expecting the OTHER person to get sick.  Give it to God and move on.
  • Commit to spending your next weekend playing and relaxing – not on catching-up with everything you didn’t get done last week.

Remember the old Chinese proverb, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Whatever your goal or your starting point, it only takes small daily decisions to move you forward.  Every day you will do some things which affects your health.  Only you can decide if they will move you in the direction you want to go.

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