The Three Sisters

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on our country’s heritage and traditions.  When the pilgrims arrived in North America, they found the planting techniques and crops which sustained them in Europe did not work in the New World.  Squanto and other Native Americans taught them how to successfully cultivate nourishing crops of corn, squash and beans.  The corn is planted first and then the beans, which vine and climb the cornstalks.  Lastly, the squash is planted which acts as a ground cover for the first two crops.  Each vegetable plays an important part of this symbiotic relationship which the Native Americans referred to as “The Three Sisters”.  The Pilgrims and settlers adopted the traditional Native American technique of growing these three crops together which nourished and sustained them.   So this Thanksgiving season, consider adding this tasty stew, steeped in tradition, to your holiday meals. Click here for the recipe.

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