Why did I make a change?

I’ve always known, somewhere in the back of my mind, that eating more fruits and vegetables, and fewer processed foods was a GREAT idea. But somehow, taking that ethereal knowledge and putting it into practice was incredibly difficult for me. Perhaps it was a lack of experience selecting and preparing fresh fruits and vegetables or perhaps it was a lack of motivation which kept me locked into the standard American diet where my only vegetable for most days were potato chips and french fries and my only fruit was either lemonade or orange juice. I had even managed to lose weight without improving my eating habits – I just changed the quantities of junk food. I looked good on the outside, but probably not on the inside. Then I had children! Besides permanently ruining my waistline, I discovered that I had the motivation I needed to get healthy and stay that way. It only took once trying to explain to my little girl what a grandparent was to get me moving. You see, both my parents had died early from heart disease and diabetes and all of its horrible complications. My children will never know what it is like to have Grandpa teach them how to fish or throw or football or curl up on Grandma’s lap for bedtime stories. I wanted better for them and their children! If the generational curses of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer were going to be broken, it was up to me! I had to do something!

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