Wisdom From the Kitchen Cookbook

Do you want to eat healthy but aren’t sure what to prepare?

Are you unsure what a healthy meal looks like?

Do you want to spend less time in the kitchen yet prepare healthy, life-affirming dishes?

Nancy’s Wisdom From the Kitchen, Volume I  Cookbook is a wonderful guide for quick and easy healthy eating.  Each dish is loaded with flavor yet contains no cholesterol and is low fat. This first volume contains over 60 easy, healthy and wonderfully tasty recipes for

* Breakfast

* Dips and Condiments

* Soups

* Main Dishes

It also contains:

* Step by Step Plan for Better Eating

* 5 Easy steps to Menu Planning

* Sample Menus

* Meat Replacement Tutorial with a thorough description of healthy, inexpensive meat replacements which are guaranteed to please even the pickiest eater in your house.

These are the recipes Nancy personally uses most nights of the week to feed her own growing family.  Each dish has been taste tested and approved by Nancy’s children and will become an all-time favorite in your family too.  Why prepare and serve foods laden with chemicals, fat and cholesterol when you can serve healthy, tasty food in the same amount of time.  Nancy’s book will soon become you and your family’s favorite cookbook!

For a limited time, we are offering a special Guide to Healthy Substitutions download for every cookbook purchased.  Nancy’s Guide is easy to use and will assist you in successfully modifying your family’s favorite recipes into healthy, low fat versions of their former self.

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